Family and Business Package / 住家与商业配套- RM20
Family and Business Package / 住家与商业配套- RM20 Old Packaged (仅限参考) Johor Bahru (JB), Malaysia. Service, Provider | Kulai Long Sheng Catering Services
Minimum至少 30pax人

RM20 / pax每人
  1. 麦片虾 Prawn w Oatmeal
  2. 南乳鸡翅 C/Wings w Red Beancurd
  3. 咕咾肉 Sweet Sour Pork Cubes
  4. 什锦芥兰花 Broccoli w Mix Vege
  5. 仁当鸡 Rendang Chicken
  6. 酿豆腐 Yong To Fu
  7. 扬州炒饭 Yang Zhou Fried Rice
  8. 星洲米粉 Sg Style Fried Mee Hoon
  9. 特色水果 Fruits
  10. 酸柑酸梅 Lime Plum Juice 
Once Order for 50 pax and Above, Free Table with Skirting & Chairs.

Bukit Batu and Senai Free Delivery.

RM50 for Other Places。
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